Last Blog 😢

Our trip has finally come to an end. Tuesday is travel day to home.
Saturday was the last Day with Diane and Larry. Went into Gettysburg to have a look around.Nice sunny day but a little chilly.

Diane and I checked out he little shops of course. After a bit the guys went to sit at the bar while we shopped.
 Abe Lincoln is everywhere. Great little town with tons of history if your into that. Had a late lunch at he bar with the guys. Not really hungry but I had a Ceasar Salad anyway. Ruebans for the guys and a greek salad for Diane.
WEnt back to the camper to relax for a bit and then our last fire.(sorry forgot to take a picture) Wow a night without Mexican Train. Went in about 9. They have things to do to get ready for the long ride home in the morning. I was in bed by 10.
Sunday was just a relaxing day. Diane and Larry left about 7:45 proming to text when they got home.
Bill and I went to Perkins for breakfast and a little grocery shopping. Cleaned a little but just basically did nothing all day. Diane and Larry got home about 4:30
Monday, our last day, we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned some more. I did Laundry in the morning while Bill slept had breakfast when I got back then just cleaned. Now I don't have to do much when I get home. A little nap then we went out for a nice last Steak dinner at Hoss's. It was yummy. Get some stuff done for tomorrow so we can hit the road early. YIPPEE!!!!!.
It was a great 3 months and I hope you enjoyed reading about it.  Despite the mostly crappy weather we had a great time and seen alot.

Hope to see you next year or sooner if we go anywhere over the summer.


  1. You had a very good winter travelling and saw so much , did a good job with your blog as well. Safe travels home.


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