This is a test blog. Haven't been on here in a while so let me know if you get this please. Right now we are in Louisiana. Had a great time yesterday with Kim, Kalee, and Michelle In New Orleans. Haven't done a whole lot since we've been gone but having a good time with Diane and Larry. Soon we will be in Arizona for Feb. and I'm sure we will be doing a lot of sight seeing. Hopefully by then I'll remember how to put pics on here. lol Have a great day

Last Blog 😢

Our trip has finally come to an end. Tuesday is travel day to home. Saturday was the last Day with Diane and Larry. Went into Gettysburg to have a look around.Nice sunny day but a little chilly. Diane and I checked out he little shops of course. After a bit the guys went to sit at the bar while we shopped.  Abe Lincoln is everywhere. Great little town with tons of history if your into that. Had a late lunch at he bar with the guys. Not really hungry but I had a Ceasar Salad anyway. Ruebans for the guys and a greek salad for Diane. WEnt back to the camper to relax for a bit and then our last fire.(sorry forgot to take a picture) Wow a night without Mexican Train. Went in about 9. They have things to do to get ready for the long ride home in the morning. I was in bed by 10. Sunday was just a relaxing day. Diane and Larry left about 7:45 proming to text when they got home. Bill and I went to Perkins for breakfast and a little grocery shopping. Cleaned a little but just basi

Rainy Morning Oulet Mall

Well Friday started out rainy but turned into a nice afternoon. After breakfast we went to the campground store. This is another really nice campground. We enjoy it here every year. Really nice clubhouse. Three different sitting rooms with Tvs. Lot of books to trade and read. Play areas and a craft area for the kids. Pool is huge. Not open yet but we enjoyed it when Billy Anna and the kid were with us a couple of years ago. Diane and I decide it was a good day to leave the hubbies behind and go shopping. We've been wanting to do this for a while. Had a great time. Spent some money. LOL All on the grandkids of course and nothing for ourselves. Had lunch at subway. All in all it was a good shopping day. Back to the camper to rest for a bit and have dinner. Decided against a fire again tonight so played some Mexican Train. Diane can't get enough of it and they're leaving on Sunday so this might be the last game for awhile. I won one game and Larry won the ot


What a great day today. Relaxed in the morning had a good breakfast then a drive around the Battlefield. I'mnot a history person but it was really nice to learn some things today. Drove thru the battlefield for about two hrs. It's huge and we didn't see it all. First stop was a tower about 7 storeis high.Larry was the only one who attempted it. He had to take a break half way up but he made it to the top Bill doesn't like heights and it was a little too windy and chilly for me and Diane. Stopped a few places to read. There are way to many signs to read them all unless you want to spend a couple of days and take the walking tour. The Scenery was fabulous. Stopped at Little Round Horn and I climbed on the rocks for a bit. I went up to the top and took some pictures. I didn't read the plaque so I have no idea what this was. 😅 The view was great. Climbed to the top while video chatting with Karen and Sadie on the phone so I gave Them a nic

Chilly start..5 more sleeps

WEll very chily when I got up at 5 today. 27 degrees and frozen water. But at least my coffe is staying warm in my new yeti mug as I sit outside. Feeling much better today. Thank God. After breakfast we decided to go to Walmart. Haven't been to a Walmart in days. Diane is going thru withdrawls. LOL. Well we needed stuff anyway. Well not a supercenter so have to go to The Giant grocery store down the road. Decided to make Stuffed Pepper Skillet for the four of us so bougth stuff for that. Diane and I decided to do laundry when we got back. I hate wasting a nice day on laundry but got do it. Its nice and warm in the sun but still chilly. Only got up to 51 today. Same as home I'm told. So i might as well be there. 😀 Not for a couple of days. Laundry done and time to relax for a bit. Diane and Larry had to go to Walgreens for meds so I decided to take a little nap. Then outside to enjoy the sun for a bit. lots of squirrels playing Nice little stream behind the camper

Pizza Day Rain again

Monday started out to be a nice day. Didn't do much. Last day here so we got a little bit done for travel tomorrow. It got up to about 70 in the afternoon so we decided to sit outside again and play Mexican Train. Then about 3 it started to sprinkle so packed everything up and went inside. Played for a little bit then decided to get ready to go to Lake Gaston Pizza for dinner. The Pizza is much better than their breakfast. Had an appetizer so I couldn't finish my half but Bill did so thats ok I hate taking home leftovers not a lot of room in the fridge. Diane and I both got a cannoli to go. They are soooo good. Bill got his Red Oak Beer that he loves. Can't find it anywhere nearby so have to pay the price at the pizza place. He always gets a couple of 12 packs to go. Back to the camper and decided not to finish our game so just relaxed and got ready to leave in the morning. A little wet to start our travel day but sun came out eventually. Left about 7:30 for a 41/2 hr

Nice relaxing Sunday

What a beautiful day. Started out cold 30 degrees but warmed up nicely by 10 am. We met Larry and Diane at Lake Gaston Pizza for breakfast after they went to church. Breakfast was ok. WE ordered hash browns withour breakfast and were told they were out. I like hash browns for breakfast not home fries. Oh well. Probably won't go back for breakfast again but we will go for pizza tomorrow. They deep fried the potatoes and bacon. didn't really like it but my eggs were good. After breakfast decided to try and find the Lake Gaston Flea market. Well we did but there was only two vendors. Just not lucky with flea markets this trip. It still early in the season I guess. Went to the Food Lion for a few groceries and some Powerball tickets. (Wish Me Luck.) This is the only place to shop for anything. Just a little Plaza with 5 or 6 stores and a bar.  Ace Hardware across the street. Ran in there to get a Yeti coffee mug for myself. I'm up so early and outside with my coffee it does