Travel Day frozen water Texas here we come

Well got up at 5:30 this morning a little late for me especially on a travel day. So not thinking I didn't  wake Bill up at 5:45 like I usually do on travel days. we like to leave around 7-7:30. WEll that didn't happen. He got up about 6:30. good thing we didn't need water for anything this morning it was 24 degrees out and everything was froze so after coffee and cereal BIll had to get out the little heater and thaw the water so we could pack it up. Took a little bit. After all is done and packed away finally on the road a little after 8. Had to stop for gas so we stooped at the THING..which is kinda a truck stop with a huge store. I just went in to the Dunkin for coffee. Yes Marge I Have all the time in the world to check out the store. LOL..but when we are going to the next place we like to get there at a reasonable time. That store is HUGE..I Could have have spent at least an hr in there. maybe next time.
Nice sunny day and not much traffic til we got close to El Paso.…

Chilly Day Tombstone

I got up early's in the 40s and windy but we decided to go to tombstone anyway.
Went to fill the propane and get some water first hoping it will warm up a little.
Left for Tombstone about 11 for the half hr drive. Still chilly when we got there but the wind has died down a little. Found a good parking spot and walked down the street. Went into a couple of shops. Don't need anything I just like to look.  Took a walk through any older part of tombstone where they have a shoot out show didn't stay for that. But the view was awesome from here. I Hope you see my pics on facebook til I learn how to put them here. we say in the sun for a little bit to warm up. Its nice and warm in the sun. Went into the saloon for bit so Bill could have a beer. I love these old time towns. Walked around a bit more and more shops. OF course I bought myself some more clothes that I don't need a Tombstone t shirt and sweat shirt. If I keep this up I can probably wear a different shirt …

Change of plans,chilly rainy day

Well we planned on going to Tombstone but again the weather didn't cooperate. Chilly with a threat of rain and again I was super tired. Took an early nap hoping the weather woild be better when I got up. didn't happen it got worse. So off to fill the propane tank at Tractor Supply to find out they don't fill them. Have to go to the Benson propane but its sunday. Oh well it can wait til tomorrow. Stopped at the safeway for eggs and milk. Well they had beef rsts. B1G2 free so of course we had to buy them seeing as we didn't know what we were doing for dinner. came home to try the rottiserie in the air fryer but I didn't get the piece for the spit. Not happy.. but we decided to just put it on the rack and it cooked up in about 1/2 hr. and it was great. Mashed potatoes veggies and a salad yummmy. I love my air fryer oven. Pillbury biscuits done in about 5 minutes.
After dinner took a walk put the garbage in the dumpster and decided to check out the pool and clubhouse. …

Short cloudy drive

Stayed in Picacho Peak til about 10 am Chatted with Steve for a little while then headed out. Didn't need to leave early it was a liitle over an hr drive to Valley Vista in Benson Arizona. Got there about 11:30 got a nice 50 amp spot so we can use all the electric we want without me blowing the circuit breaker. I do that often when I turn on the coffee and both heaters are going. Oh well easily talen care of.
Relaxed for a bit and for some reason I was super tired so I layed down for a bit. I hate when I'm that tired.
Had my afternoon coffee then off to Walmart of course. Need to stock up Billy Anna and the boys are meeting us in Texas for a week. I'm so excited. Have to have Kids stuff in the camper.
Then went to the Texaco station by the campground which has a nice deli and got some fried chicken for dinner. Its very good. French fries and coleslaw to go with it.
After dinner went ot the clubhouse fr free wifi to figure out our route to Texas. Got that all set. made my r…

Beautiful Travel Day

Up early usual but tats ok because its a travel day. going to Picacho Peak to see Steve.
Nice sunny day again.  Easy drive. Love to see the mountains with all the cactus growing on them.
Got to Picacho about 11:00. Steve met us at the entrance and showed us to our spot. Its really nice here. Our spot had a little brick patio with a fence. Got all set up and of course Steve brought over the whiskey for hi and Bill. OH BOY!!! it s gonna be a great day. Sat around all afternoon catching up. I went for a walk to check things out and pay our bill. They have a beautiful pool and hot tub, nice big clubhouse, a cantina and a workout room.  Its all in one place surrounded by a fence. I think we might definitley be back again. Steve says theres lots to do near here. But we have to make our way to Texas.
Steve made dinner for us. He had a small pork rst in the crockpot with potatoes and carrots. I heated some saurkraut to go with it. The Potatoes weren't done so Steve put them on to boil and…

Another Sunny Day

Not much to say today. It was a beautiful sunny day 60 degrees a little chilly but better than it has been.
Did some laundry and just relaxed today. This is just a stopover on our way to picacho peak. Only going to be there for one nite just to stop and see our friend Steve.
Went to golden Corral for Dinner. I love Golden Corral. First time there on this trip which is unusual but we really haven't had a chance to go there yet. Went early to take advantage of Lunch price but also get Dinner food.
Then back home to soak up some sun and get ready to leave in the Morning.
Most of the lettuce fields have been harvested since we were here a week or so ago. Plowed up and ready for the next planting. It is interesting to see how this works. Bus loads of people and port a pottys hooked on the back of the bus. Wish I could share the pictures.
That's it for today
Have a great day

Tuesday was just another rainy day in California. Slept til 5:30 which is good for ma as you know.
Didn't do much today. Went to walmart to get my medicine refilled and pick up a few things. Home to clean a little and take a nap. Not much else to do in the rain. Back to Walmart to pick up my medicine.  Diane and Larry brought dinner over(my camper has a bigger table to sit 4) Rst. beef sandwiches,salad, mashed potatoes and sugar free lemon cake. It was all delicious. then played a little Mexican Train for the last time for awhile.
Wednesday was a travel. Diane and Larry are going up to San Francisco and we are going back to Yuma.It was so cold in the morning there was ice on my awning and it didn't roll in right. We really want ot leave so hope for the best on the road. Stopped after a bit at a truck stop to get the awning out for a minute to soak up some sun. It worked so now I can relax and not keep an eye on it. Slowly working our way back east. Don't want to get there …